Fast Cat 2024          

* The 2024  Fast Cat is currently pending approval by the AKC.

Saturday August 10, 2024

AKC Event number 2024101815
AKC Event number 2024101816

Sunday August 11, 2024

AKC Event number 2024101813
AKC Event number 2024101814

EKC Fast Cat Events are held at Harborcreek Community Park


Event Photography

Emily Ferrans Photography will be accepting preorders for the EKC Fast CATs!

All dogs will be photographed, but be sure to get on her preorder list to receive your photos first and get a $5-10 discount! Message Emily or email to sign up.

Alternatively, if you’d like to be notified when your dog’s event gallery is ready to view, you can sign up here:

Emily will gather your information and send a one-time email including gallery links and how-to-order instructions as soon as they’re ready. See you soon!




Thank you for supporting Erie’s upcoming Fast CAT event! We are excited to host you.


We will use a ticket system instead of a listed running order so that you can adjust accordingly to your needs.

Please plan on arriving 15 minutes prior to your assigned hour block. Check-in at the Exhibitor Tent where our volunteers will evaluate your dog for soundness (by having you trot them away and back) and all bitches will be wiped by their owner to see if they are in season (we will provide tissue). After successfully checking in, you will receive a ticket that you need to keep.

When you are ready to run, bring your ticket and your dog to the release pen!

Make sure that before you hand the gate steward your ticket there is a catch person at the end gate ready to go. If you need assistance releasing dogs, don’t hesitate to ask one of our EKC members. We will plan to have an extra set of hands ready to help!

PLEASE NOTE: AKC mandates that you will have to re-check in before each run! This is how you will get your second ticket which allows you back into the release area.

The concurrent, ticket system block running will also allow at least 30 minutes for the dogs to recover to run before their second runs. If someone feels their dog does not need that amount of time, then they will be allowed to run back to back as per the AKC rules and regulations.

This is my first time doing Fast CAT – HELP!
Never fear! – these are extremely beginner-friendly events and we’re happy to help set your dog up for success. We want everyone, especially your dogs, to have a great time. This is a low-pressure, fun opportunity to enjoy with your pup! All you need to bring (at a minimum) is your dog and two leashes.

For dogs expecting to earn titles this weekend – congrats! Please make sure if you didn’t mark your title on the entry sheet that you let us know so I can have a special rosette ready for you!

Extra special thanks to the Erie Sports Commission for being a sponsor of this event. If you post photos online from your day with us we would be grateful if you tagged them to show your appreciation!

If you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out or review the AKC Fast Cat Regulations.

Cindy Stubenhofer
Event Secretary


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